Top 10 Reasons to Live On Campus

top10Making the transition to college, and making a connection to campus life once you are there, can be a frightening prospect. Choosing to live on campus can help ease the transition to life on your own, jump start your social life, and help you meet many new and diverse individuals. As a campus resident you will be more plugged-in to the campus community and have more opportunities to join clubs, attend campus events, meet new people and develop friendships. In addition, you will be closer to classes, the Activity Center, the library, and many other campus resources. Unlike off-campus living, the residence halls and campus apartments provide you with a unique living environment in which all of your neighbors are students just like you. There are many great reasons to live on campus.  Here are the Top Ten!

1. Live Smart

National studies show that students who live on campus tend to earn better grades, are more satisfied with their college experience, and are more likely to graduate than those who live off campus.

2. Live Close

When students live on campus they don’t have to waste time sitting in traffic, searching for parking or filling up on gas. Facilities such as the Activity Center, Corbett Center Student Union, and the Student Health Center are all within walking distance from on-campus housing.

3. Live Safe

Safety and security are emphasized on-campus. The NMSU Police & Fire Departments and Housing staff are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4. Live Cheaper

At first glance it might seem less expensive to live off campus in Las Cruces. But, when you consider all the costs (rent, food, gas, electricity, water, trash, phone, cable, Internet, furniture, etc.) living off campus can be very expensive. It’s not only cheaper to live on-campus, it’s also easier because everything is covered in one convenient bill.

5. Live Connected

Campus housing costs include cable TV and high-speed data connectivity. Not only will you be connected to all of the modern day conveniences needed for college students, you will be connected to a campus community. Making friends, meeting a professor or attending an athletic game or club event becomes easy and convenient. You will begin to set yourself up for a bright future with the connections made while living on campus.

6. Live Supported

Student and professional staff are available to assist students with personal and academic concerns as they adjust to being away from home.

7. Live with Community

Living on campus gives students more opportunity to join clubs, go to activities, meet new people and make friends. It’s an experience unlike any other.

8. Live and Learn

On-campus housing offers students the opportunity to live in a “living/learning” or theme community that complements their educational experience. For example, first-year engineering majors can live and learn with fellow engineering students in the same residence hall. This living community provides mentoring opportunities, study groups, and special programs geared specifically to engineering majors.

9. Live How You Choose

NMSU has many housing options to choose from to accommodate our student’s varying needs.

10. Live it Up!

Don’t just go to school, experience college. Don’t miss out on all New Mexico State University has to offer.