Entering Freshman and Transfer Students:

There are two basic steps to apply for a residence hall room or apartment.

Step 1: Gain admittance to NMSU. You will need an NMSU username and password to access the MyHousing Apply Online system. It is a good idea to apply for housing as soon as you are admitted to the university. NOTE: If you are currently under the age of 18, a parent signature is required on the housing and dining application forms. Please print a paper application packet.

Step 2: Explore this website to review the different options available to you. Check out the different living areas – including floor plans, pictures and virtual tours – read about the Living Learning Communities, review the meal plan options and look at our rates. When you know what you want and you’re ready to apply (including having payment available), login to Apply Online. Your application will be received into our system once you hit the “Submit” button at the end of the session. We’ll then send you a confirmation letter so you know all is well. Confirmation letters are sent via regular mail so watch for yours about ten days after you’ve submitted your app!

Student Family Housing Applicants:

There is a waiting list for Student Family Housing. While the length of the list varies from semester to semester, we encourage applications 4- 6 months in advance of your desired move-in date. If you wish to be put on the waiting list, select the Family Housing application option for the appropriate term from Apply Online.

Paper Applications:

Use of the online application system is strongly encouraged! It’s quick, easy and ensures that information from the university’s record system matches information in the housing record system. The online application system also provides for immediate payment of the required fees, which means fewer delays in processing. If you do not wish to use the online application system OR IF YOU ARE CURRENTLY UNDER 18 AND REQUIRE A PARENT’S SIGNATURE ON THE HOUSING AND DINING APPLICATION FORMS, you can print a paper application and mail it in to the Department of Housing and Campus Life. Please be sure to include a check or money order made out to NMSU to cover the required fees. Application materials and payment should be mailed to:

Housing and Residential Life, MSC 3BB
New Mexico State University
P.O. Box 30001
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001