Move Out, Breaks, & Summer Housing


University Breaks & Holidays

New Mexico State University has three major breaks for students: Thanksgiving Break, Winter Break, and Spring Break.

Thanksgiving Break & Spring Break are one week in duration and all housing communities remain open on campus.  We do suggest, however, if you are leaving over these breaks to:

  • Unplug appliances
  • Lock windows and doors
  • Remove trash
  • Turn off heaters and lights

Winter Break occurs between the Fall and Spring semester and is four to five weeks in duration.  During this time, the Residence Halls (Pinon, Garcia, Rhodes Garrett Hamiel) on campus close.  Apartments and Student Family Housing do NOT close.

Please review our Winter Break Policies and Procedures for more information.

Please review the Registrar’s Academic Calendar for up-to-date holiday and break dates.

If you are staying on campus during a break, please monitor our Dining website for any changes to operating hours during these times.

Move Out

We really don’t want you to leave, but…….. All Residence Halls (Piñon, Garcia, Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel) close the Saturday after Finals Week.

Please review our Spring Move Out Guide for Residence Halls  and our Spring Move Out Guide for Apartments & Greek Life for detailed information on how and when to move out.

It is important that you leave your room as you found it in order to avoid damage and cleaning fees.  Upon check out, in addition to removing all belongings and trash from your unit, please arrange the furniture in your room to match the furniture map associated with the community you live in.

Summer Housing

Students who will be enrolled in summer classes, or current housing residents who are in good standing with NMSU and will be continuing as enrolled students for the Fall semester, may apply to live in campus housing during the summer.

Summer assignments are made with the intention of minimizing moves whenever possible.  Thus, we will make every attempt to keep you in your spring assignment, or to place you in an upcoming fall assignment.  If you have not yet received a fall assignment but anticipate living in campus housing for the coming academic year, please let us know that by checking the appropriate box on the application form.

Please indicate your preference of living area by marking your preferences using 1 to indicate your highest preference and numbering down from there. You may request an apartment-mate. Requests must be mutual.

The summer prepayment is $50.  If you are a first-time campus housing resident, there is also a $15 application fee due.

The graduate community is assigned from a date-based priority waiting list. The occupancy term in this community is month-to-month.  If your application is for the graduate community only, a $15 app fee is required.  A $200 damage deposit will be collected upon assignment and move-in.

The summer rental rate includes the interim period from spring to summer and summer to fall.  However, ONLY CONTINUING CAMPUS HOUSING RESIDENTS may stay in campus housing during the interim periods.  All others must adhere to the campus housing opening/closing dates listed in the academic calendar, or as assigned based on short course or partial semester attendance dates.  Except in cases of after-occupancy agreement termination, rental rates are pro-rated based on move in and move out dates, including interim moves between facilities.

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