Early Termination

Though New Mexico State University students are not required to live on-campus, it is highly recommended.  Research indicates that living within an on-campus community is a valuable part of the college experience often leading to better grades, an increased rate of graduation, greater involvement in leadership and social activities, and a higher reported rate of satisfaction with the college experience.

Your Housing License Agreement

The Housing & Residential Life license agreement is a one- year agreement that begins in the Fall and ends in the Spring of the same academic year.  It is expected that students who sign a housing license agreement are fully aware of the obligations of that agreement and that they will fulfill the terms and conditions.   A copy of the license agreement and the various terms and conditions may be obtained from your Area Office, or the Central Housing Office located in the Educational Services Building.

Reasons for Early Termination

The Department of Housing & Residential Life recognizes that occasionally the termination of a housing agreement is warranted due to an unexpected change in plans. The following are some approved reasons for license termination once occupancy has been established, or services have begun.

A. Non-Attendance:

  • Graduation —Approved upon verification of graduation.
  • Withdrawal from the University — Approved upon completion of the withdrawal process.
  • Transfer —If the resident is formally leaving NMSU to attend another institution or transferring to a branch campus other than the Doña Ana Community College, termination will be approved upon verification of the transfer.
  • Co-op/ Academic Internship/ Student Teaching — If the resident is participating in one of these programs outside of the Las Cruces area, the termination will be approved upon verification of program participation.

NOTE: Students who terminate license agreements under non-attendance at the end of Fall semester will be screened for confirmation of non-attendance during the Spring semester.  If Spring attendance is detected, full assessment of charges applicable under the license agreement will occur.

B. Marriage or Domestic Partnership:

License agreement termination due to marriage or domestic partnership will be approved no sooner than two weeks prior to the date of the official ceremony with supporting documentation.  Please refer to the NMSU Human Resources web page for domestic partnership information

C. Financial Hardship:

Residents filing a license agreement termination request due to financial hardship must demonstrate through documentation that there has been a significant and unexpected change in their financial situation over which the resident has no control, or that of any other(s) supporting the resident, from the time that the license agreement was signed until the present.

D. Personal Crisis:

Residents requesting a license agreement termination based under personal crisis must provide documentation to verify the claim and demonstrate that the Department of Housing & Residential Life is unable to provide any accommodation on campus that will meet their needs.  Extenuating health concerns and family emergencies are examples of situations that may be included under this condition.

The Process

It is essential that all the proper steps are followed to properly request termination of your license agreement. Do not arrange for other housing until you have been formally released from your agreement with us.  

The steps to request a termination of your license agreement are as follows:

To request a termination , submit a written request outlining the reason(s) that you wish to terminate your agreement, ensuring that your reasons falls into one of the approved termination categories (A. Non-attendance; B. Marriage or Domestic Partnership; C. Financial Hardship; or D. Personal Crisis.)   Include any supporting documentation with your termination request. Take your request to the Central Housing Office.  The Associate Director, Administration is responsible for handling license agreement termination requests. To ensure timely response, be sure to include your e-mail address with your request.

For questions about the License Agreement Termination Process, please contact the central Housing Office at 646-3202.

Tips For Submitting a Termination Request:

Be sure to include any and all supporting documentation with your request . Requests without supporting documentation are generally denied.

If you are requesting termination for reasons that can be reasonably accommodated within our system (i.e., by moving you to a quieter community, by changing your room assignment and/or accommodating a roommate change, etc.), your request will generally be denied, unless we have already made attempts to accommodate your need within our system.

Moving Out vs. Being Released from Financial Obligations:

There is a difference between moving out of your assigned living space and being released from the obligations of your license agreement. A student may move out of campus housing at any time. However, the process of moving out and returning keys does NOT mean that obligations under the single student housing license agreement have been negated or voided. Students who move out without being formally released from their license agreement may still have financial obligations or otherwise be held responsible for the terms and conditions of the housing license agreement.