Theme Communities


What are Theme Communities?

Theme Communities are a new and exciting addition to our housing options. Like LLCs, they provide opportunities for friendship and support for students with common interests. Events and activities revolve around shared goals and ideals. Theme Communities focus on broader principles and are open to all students.


Focuses on multiculturalism, social justice, and service to communities. This community is open to all students who want to engage with others in an inclusive environment. Students who live here increase their leadership potential through diverse activities such as community service, leadership training workshops, experiential trips, and mentoring relationships.

Location: Garcia Hall West



Is a place for students to learn about and practice a healthy approach to making their minds and bodies fit. This community is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and providing students with a living environment to foster this. Students living in Balance will have the opportunity to invest in interest areas such as substance-free living, nutrition and fitness, outdoor activities and events such as healthy cooking potlucks, camping and outdoor recreation, competing on intramural teams, and attending meditation workshops.

Location: Garcia Hall East