Apartment Communities

Three affordable and convenient apartment communities are available on campus and are open to upperclassmen. All apartments offer furnished spaces with living rooms, full kitchens and private bedrooms. Whether you are interested in our graduate community in Vista del Monte or looking for a brand new apartment in Chamisa, we have a variety of wonderful on campus apartment communities to choose from.

Chamisa Village
Vista del Monte Apartments
Cervantes Apartments


Chamisa Village is located in North Campus and while Vista del Monte and Cervantes Village are located in South Campus.

  • Mail:
    • All mailboxes for students living in Chamisa are located at Chamisa Village and large packages are delivered to the Chamisa Village Clubhouse.
    • All mail delivered to students living in Vista del Monte and Cervantes Village is delivered to USPS lock boxes located within the community.
  • South Campus Residential Life Office: Staffed by our friendly RD’s and CA’s, this is where you will go if you have any questions regarding living in south campus.
  • South Campus Operation Center: This is where you will pick up large mail packages and also where to go if you lose your key.
  • South Campus Community Center: Play games, entertain, and have fun.
  • Aggie Express: Features laundry, computer lab, workout facility and full-service convenience store located within Vista Del Monte.

Who Can Live in the Apartments?

  • Incoming transfer students at the sophomore level and above
  • Returning students at the sophomore level and above
  • Grad students
  • International Students