Faculty Fellows


2021-2022 Faculty Fellow Position Description

Faculty Fellows (FF) are dedicated faculty members who create meaningful connections with students outside the classroom. Each FF dedicates approximately 25 hours each semester to design and implement opportunities to interact with campus residents. FFs will facilitate individual and small-group mentorship for campus residents. Each FF will be assigned a small group of 15-20 campus residents. FFs will invite mentees to attend small group interactions and activities as well as holding one-on-one mentorship sessions with each student. FFs DO NOT live on campus. INTERESTED? If you would like to apply for a Faculty Fellow position, please complete the interest form found here.

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Applicants must be current NMSU or DACC faculty members throughout their term in the position.


$750 stipend for the spring semester to be paid in a one-time payment after the end of the semester. Appointed term is August 13, 2021 – May 7, 2022; stipend will be prorated if a FF resigns before completing their term.

Expectations of Faculty Fellows:

Each FF is expected to dedicate approximately 25 hours per semester on the following items:
  • Attend fall and spring FF training
  • Send encouraging/enriching email/text/group message to assigned small group at least 8 times per semester (every 2 weeks)
  • Send 2 hand-written postcards to each student per semester; postcards will be provided and delivered/mailed to residents by Housing and Residential Life prior to midterms and final exams
  • Facilitate 3 small group interactions (1 per month) during the course of the semester
    • In most cases, small group interactions will involve inviting mentees to attend existing NMSU activities as a group; in some cases, the FF may opt to plan their own event or activity for mentees to attend
    • Examples of opportunities for small group interactions include attending NMSU sporting events, performances, residence hall programs, student organization activities, department/college programs, group meals, etc.
  • Schedule and complete at least 3 one-on-one mentorship meeting with each assigned student per semester (1 per month)
    • It is incumbent on the Faculty Fellow to make substantial attempts to contact students to schedule mentorship sessions
  • Attend 2 check-in meetings with the Associate Director or delegate per semester
  • Establish meaningful relationships with residents of Housing and Residential Life
  • Offer intentional opportunities to connect with and support residents
  • Be an advocate and resource for residents in support of their academic success and positive collegiate experience
  • Represent NMSU, Department/College, and Housing and Residential Life in a positive manner
  • Share ideas/resources with other FFs in person, by email, and via the FF Canvas course
  • Document activities and communication by submitting a monthly check-in report using the online form
  • Serve as a mandatory reporter for any concerning student behavior
  • Communicate with Associate Director of Residential Education regularly regarding community progress

If you are interested in learning more about the Faculty Fellows position, you can view the full job description here or contact Michelle Bernstein at 575-646-5590 or michbern@nmsu.edu. If you would like to apply for a Faculty Fellow position, please complete the interest form found here.

Think someone is a great Faculty Fellow candidate? Please fill out the nomination form found here.

CONTACT: Michelle Bernstein Associate Director of Residential Education 575-646-5590 michbern@nmsu.edu