First-Year Residential Experience (FYRE) & Residency Requirement

Benefits of Living on Campus
First-time, full-time undergraduate students admitted to the Las Cruces campus will be required to live in a university-operated residence hall for the first academic year, or two semesters. Research has shown when students live on campus, they gain many more benefits and rewards than those living off campus. Students who live on campus are more likely to:

Move-In Day• Connect with campus services
• Participate in extracurricular activities and events
• Perform better academically and typically receive a higher first-semester GPA
• Continue to their second year in college and graduate in four years
• Create bonds with faculty and other students that extend past graduation
• Explore a wider range of ideas by engaging with diverse people and cultures
• Develop stronger interpersonal and communication skills

NMSU believes in the residential experience. Students engage through a more
structured environment that promotes academic and personal success.

Program Outcomes

RHA Battle of the HallsIgniting self-discovery and a passion for learning are core objectives of FYRE. Learning outcomes for FYRE, also known as the 4 Cs, are:

  • Comfortable: First-year residential students will express greater connections to NMSU and each other
  • Connected: First-year residential students will identify one faculty member that has actively mentored them during their first two semesters in college
  • Confident: First-year residential students can provide three personal study strategies to be successful in their first year in college
  • Curious: First-year residential students will provide at least one academic and one social organization or club for which they joined to explore the NMSU or Las Cruces community

The focus of the enhanced residential hall experience is to provide greater emphasis on student outreach by resident assistant staff members, to develop leadership activities including community councils and floor governments, create socials and events with affiliated faculty members (FYREstarters), increase student-resident participation in campus traditions to enhance the First-Year Residential Experience, and to form a greater connection to the NMSU campus and its community.


Residency Exemptions

Chill with RHa

In rare circumstances, a student may need to live off campus. Eligible students may request one of the following exemptions to the residency requirement:

*If a student has already completed the housing application, the housing application takes priority over the housing exemption request.

  • Student living with immediate family (limited to parent(s), legal guardian, grandparent(s) or aunt/uncle)
  • Student residing with spouse/domestic partner or dependent child(ren)
  • Student 21 years or older
  • Student enrolled full time in distance education
  • Active military or veteran status
  • Medical accommodation
  • Other extenuating circumstances (including financial hardship)