International Student Housing

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Our International Student Community was designed to specifically cater to the unique needs of our international student population. International Student Housing is a place where international students will live with and near other international and graduate students in a community of diverse individuals who share similar academic and social interests.

Besides quick and easy access to classes and campus facilities, studies show that students living on campus actually have a better opportunity for growth and success. If you are looking for affordable, mature, apartment-style living, Housing & Residential Life, Graduate School, and International Programs invite you to become part of the Graduate & International Student Community.


To qualify for the Graduate and International Student Community, there must be at least one registered graduate or international student in the apartment unit.

Leases are offered:

1. By the apartment (one designated lease holder with one monthly bill).
2. By the bed (two monthly lease holders with split monthly billing).

The Department of Housing can also assign apartment-mates for those who don’t know someone with whom they would like to live. Apartment-mate assignments are based on gender and smoking preference. The monthly rent includes ALL utilities along with cable and internet service.

Specific objectives of the Graduate and International Student Community are:

  • To give special attention to graduate and international graduate students living on campus and to create a community of other students who share similar interests.
  • To focus on academic achievement in a productive and supportive setting.
  • To foster the union of the scholarly and social aspects of student life as it pertains to graduate and international students.
  • To promote collaboration among faculty, staff and graduate students.

Apartments feature spacious private bedrooms with shared living, kitchen and bath areas. Benefits of on-campus living include access to on-site computer lab and printers, on-site laundry facility and prompt maintenance.

For more information regarding graduate programs, or international program please contact one of the following departments:

The Graduate School 
New Mexico State University
P.O. Box 30001, MSC 3G
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
Phone: (575) 646-2736

Office of the Vice Provost for International & U.S.-Mexico Border Programs
P.O. Box 30001, MSC 3567
Las Cruces, NM 88003-8001
Phone: 575-646-3199 | Fax: 575-646-2558