Move-In Information – 2017 Updates Coming Soon



Crimson Kickoff begins at 8 a.m. Saturday, Aug. 12, with Move-In Day and continues throughout the month with various events and activities. Please revisit this site for Move-In Day updates. Updates will also be announced on our Facebook page and the NMSU INSIDER free mobile app.


Move-In Dates and Times

Fall Semester Move In –
Saturday, August 12, 2017 – Beginning at 8:00 am.

Move-In Day marks the beginning of college life for many students. Our goal is to make this day as easy and as enjoyable as possible for everyone. Your first step will be to check-in at the residence hall or community to which you have been assigned. We are looking forward to your arrival on campus!

Special note for parents: We recognize that this is a significant day for your student and for you. You are welcome to stay as long as you like, but try to keep in mind that your student will want time on their own to make new friends, explore, get acquainted with a roommate, etc. We are looking forward to meeting you and your family!

At 5:00 p.m. on Move-In Day, please join us for the Aggie BBQ in Taos Restaurant on the 1st floor east side of Corbett Center Student Union. Students and families welcome!

Early/Late Arrival or Assistance on Move-In Day

Early Arrival: Early check-in requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis for students participating in organizations or events that necessitate arrival before August 14. Please email your request to as early as possible to ensure consideration. Early arrival may require payment of a nightly rate from the date of check-in until opening day. Please note that summer school, summer conferences and our facility cleaning schedule all impact our ability to accommodate early arrivals.

Late Arrival: If you will be arriving after the first day of classes, please notify our office to ensure your space is held for you.

Students or Families Needing Assistance: If you need assistance during Move-In Day, please call the Housing Office at 575-646-3202 to make arrangements.

Driving Directions

To help ensure a smoother experience for students and parents, ALL campus residents will enter campus at the SAME location this year. From University Ave., you’ll enter campus at Triviz Dr. located under the Pan American Center digital billboard marquee. There will be plenty of signage and volunteers to help guide you in. From there, simply follow the signs that will direct you to your specific check-in parking location. Unlike previous years, all residence halls will check in at the Pan American Center Parking Lot at 1810 E. University Ave.

Greek residents will be further guided to the Greek Complex at 1745 Wells St., while residents in CervantesTom Fort, Sutherland, Vista Del Monte & Cole will be guided to the South Campus Residential Life Office & Operations Center at 1410 Center Rd.

Family Hospitality Area

Hospitality tents for family members will be available along the I-Mall in front of Garcia Hall. Mingle with campus administrators and enjoy the companionship of fellow families. Relax with a cold drink while your student finishes unpacking and settling into their new home.


As soon as you arrive to the Pan American Center, signs and volunteers will guide you to your designated Check-In parking lot. Please be sure to bring your Aggie ID Card with you. In Piñon, RGH, Garcia and Chamisa Village, your Aggie ID Card provides access to the exterior doors/gates. Room and mailbox keys will be issued as part of the Check-In process. Aggie ID Cards are issued though the NMSU ID Card Office. Avoid delays by obtaining your Aggie ID Card before you arrive on campus. The ID Card Office will open at 8:00 a.m. on Move-in Day. At Check-In, you’ll receive unloading directions and instructions. Volunteers will be on hand to assist you with your move.

Move-in Day Tips

  • Know what residence hall and room you are in before arrival so you will know where to go once you arrive.
  • Keep a file of everything the University sends you and bring it with you to check-in.
  • Move-In Day will be hot; dress accordingly.
  • Garcia Hall, Piñon Hall and Chamisa Village have elevators, while Rhodes-Garrett-Hamiel does not.
  • Expect some congestion and traffic.
  • An information tent will be located on the International Mall south of Garcia Hall if you need directions or have questions.
  • While some move-in carts will be provided, there is a limited supply. If you have your own cart, dolly or hand-truck, you might want to bring it along.
  • Water will be provided throughout the day.
  • Pizza is provided throughout the day for students and family members.
  • Limited food service will be available on Move-In Day. Meal plans for students begin with dinner on Sunday, August 14. If you have not purchased a Meal Plan yet, you may do so online or at ID Card Services located on the lower level of Corbett Center Student Union.

Housing Agreement

You are expected to be fully aware of the obligations of your Housing/Dining agreement. Please note that the term of your housing and dining agreement is for the full academic year (August though May). Release from the agreement prior to the end of the spring semester is very limited. If there are extenuating circumstances which may require special attention, these are considered on a case-by-case basis. All requests for release from the housing and dining agreement must be submitted in writing. Failure to obtain release may result in the full assessment of all financial obligations. Be sure to fully read your housing and dining agreement prior to coming to campus. If you have any questions about what something means or how a particular clause may be interpreted, please do not hesitate to contact our office.