Space Selection FAQ


Move-In DayQ: What if I want to keep my same space for next year?

A: Each living area will have a “same room renewal” time that allows you to do just that, unless that room will be unavailable for the coming semester. Check the renewal calendar for the specific date and time that same room sign-up will be happening for your living area.



Q: How do I know which spaces are private?

A: The room type field provides a description of how that space will be utilized for the fall (example: VDM-2bdrm private). Please note: We are unable to guarantee your selection of a private space. If demand for campus housing exceeds the number of available spaces for next year, residents who requested private units may be assigned a roommate. Private spaces are only available in VDM.


Q: I want to request a roommate who doesn’t currently live on campus. How do I do that?

A: The person you’d like as your roommate needs to apply for campus housing for the fall semester. This will make him/her eligible to be selected as your roommate during the renewal process. Once he/she has applied and paid the deposit and application fee, please notify the Housing Office so we can include him/her in the renewal process. You will then need to mutually select each other as roommates in your online accounts. You, as the current resident, then need to select the space for next year. Your selection will “pull in” your friend as your roommate.



Q: How do I know what spaces are open for me to choose from?

A: When you log into your online account and pick “room selection”, the program will ask you what hall you’d like. Select the area you’re interested in from the drop down menu. The system will then display all available spaces in that living area. You can also specify a specific floor within a living area. The system will only display spaces which you are eligible for based upon your gender and the number of roommates you have requested.



Q: What do I do if the room I want is not showing online?

A: If the room you want doesn’t appear, it probably isn’t available. Contact the Housing Office at 575-646-3202 and our staff will be happy to review your options with you.



Q: What if I select a space for next year but then decide I don’t want to live on campus?

A: Once you have selected a room and it has been assigned to you, the terms of the housing agreement apply. You would need to formally cancel your housing agreement. Depending upon when you cancel, you may forfeit some, or all, of your deposit.



Q: What happens if I don’t select a room during the Space Renewal process? What if I change my mind later and want to live on campus?

A: If you do not choose a room or apartment during the Space Renewal process, your current space will be available for another student to select. There may be a Last Chance space selection opportunity after the initial Space Renewal process. Once Last Chance is closed, you will need to reapply (including the $200 deposit) as a new resident to request campus housing.



Q: Will I still have an application fee and deposit?

A: You will not have an application fee if you are renewing for the Fall Semester. However, if your $200 deposit from 2016-2017 is used for damages, you will be required to pay a new deposit.