Space Renewal Roommates

Renew Your Space!If you have a roommate currently, be sure to coordinate your Space Renewal participation. Many roommates choose to stay together through their college career. (See below for information about how to select your roommate.) If you intend to stay in the space you occupy now, but plan to select a different roommate, you may do so only if your current roommate is moving. In other words, you won’t be able to “bump” your current roommate out of your room by selecting a different roommate. Talk with your roommate and, if you need help having this conversation, contact your Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director in time to work through your concerns before Space Renewal begins.

You do not have to have a roommate or apartment-mate to participate in Space Renewal but if you will be choosing a roommate or apartment-mate, there are a few things you need to consider:

  • You (and your requested roommates) become part of a group.
  • All roommate requests must be mutual (all roommates must request each other from your online accounts).
  • Once you and your roommates have been matched, only one member of your group needs to make a space selection.
  • When one member makes a selection of a room or apartment, all group members will be assigned to that selection.
  • Of the spaces available in a community, only those rooms or apartments capable of accommodating your group will be available for your selection.
  • You may add or remove roommates throughout the space selection process, until an assignment has been confirmed.
  • Once your assignment is confirmed, no additional group member changes may occur.

Additional steps are necessary if you are selecting someone as a roommate who does not currently live on campus:
(1) Your prospective roommate must apply for campus housing for Fall.
(2) Make the Housing Office aware that your potential roommate has applied so that we can add them to the selection process.
(3) Once your potential roommate is added to the process, each of you must request each other as roommates in your online accounts.
(4) As the current campus resident, you will need to make the space selection for your roommate group. Be sure your roommate qualifies for the space you are selecting. As an example, a first-time freshman is not eligible for a campus apartment.

To request a roommate:

Log into your online account (LINK AVAILABLE SOON) using your myNMSU username and password.

Once you are logged-in, you will see an overview of your spring semester housing assignment information.

  • Click on “Room Selection” bar in the black panel.
  • Select “Roommates/Suitemates” in order to select your prospective roommate. Enter as much of your prospective roommate’s information as possible and click “Request Student” as Roommate. You may request up to three roommates individually by following these steps for each request.

All roommate requests must be mutual. The Matching Request box in the Existing Roommate Request section will indicate “Does Not Match” until your requested roommate also selects you through their account. Once a mutual request is completed, the Matching Request box message will change to “YES”.

Once all your Matching Request messages change to “YES”, you may begin selecting rooms or apartments according to the Community Selection Schedule.

Please Note: after space selection has occurred, all group members should confirm their assignment by logging into their online account.