Request to Terminate Housing Agreement

A student may move out of campus housing at any time. Moving out is not the same as being released from the housing agreement. The request to terminate housing agreement is an official request to release you from the housing agreement, including financial obligations associated with that agreement. Approved requests will be processed as per the refund schedule found in the housing agreement. Requests for termination will be reviewed individually and shall be considered in accordance with the Housing and Residential Life housing agreement. If approved for termination, you will be required to check out as outlined below.

  1. If termination is immediate, check-out must occur within 24 hours of approval. If termination is effective at the end of the fall term, check out must occur within 24 hours of your last final exam or academic commitment.
  2. Make an appointment to check out with your R.A If your R.A is not available, contact the Service Center for your area for assistance.
  3. Before your scheduled check-out time, remove all belongings from the room/apartment. Thoroughly clean the room/apartment, including all commonly shared spaces.
  4. At the time of check-out, meet with the R.A in the room/apartment. Review the condition of the living space, turn in your key(s), and complete and sign all necessary paperwork.
  5. In the case of formal withdrawal from the University, return to the main Housing Office (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm) after your check-out to complete the withdrawal process.
  6. Note: Failure to check out properly will result in the assessment of a financial penalty. Rental charges continue until formal check out has occurred. (In some cases, full rental charges may still be assessed).
  7. It is your responsibility to check with the ID Card Office to confirm the status of your meal plan. Termination of your housing agreement does not necessarily indicate termination of your meal plan agreement.

A decision on whether you are approved or denied will be emailed to your NMSU email account. Attach any documents that you wish to be reviewed as part of your request. 
Please do not make other arrangements until you have received a decision from Housing and Residential Life.

To submit your request to terminate your housing agreement, click button below.