Summer Housing

RHA Battle of the HallsStudents who will be enrolled in summer classes, or current housing residents who are in good standing with NMSU and will be continuing as enrolled students for the Fall semester, may apply to live in campus housing during the summer.

Summer assignments are made with the intention of minimizing moves whenever possible.  Thus, we will make every attempt to keep you in your spring assignment, or to place you in an upcoming fall assignment.  If you have not yet received a fall assignment but anticipate living in campus housing for the coming academic year, please let us know that by checking the appropriate box on the application form.

Please indicate your preference of living area by marking your preferences using 1 to indicate your highest preference and numbering down from there. You may request an apartment-mate. Requests must be mutual.

The summer deposit is $200.  If you are a first-year student, there is also a $15 application fee due. If you are an upperclassman, you will pay a $50 application fee in addition to the $200 deposit.

The summer rental rate includes the interim period from spring to summer.  However, ONLY CONTINUING CAMPUS HOUSING RESIDENTS may stay in campus housing during the interim periods.  All others must adhere to the campus housing opening/closing dates listed in the academic calendar, or as assigned based on short course or partial semester attendance dates.

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