Request for Exemptions (Info.)

In rare circumstances, students may have a need to live off campus. The Board of Regents for New Mexico State University has established the following reasons for exemption. Students are asked to complete the associated forms based on the reason they are choosing not to live in on-campus housing. *If a student has already completed the housing application, the housing application takes priority over the housing exemption request.  

Quick Guide to the NMSU Residency Exemption Process
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)



Step 1: Choose Your Exemption




Step 2: Provide Supporting Documentation Below

Complete the forms as required, scan and upload as part of housing application process or follow Step 3 below.

Reason for Exemption Required Documentation
Living with parent(s), legal guardian or immediate family member (aunt/uncle or grandparent(s)) Parent/Legal Guardian Affidavit
Student residing with a spouse/domestic partner or dependent child(ren) Marriage or domestic partnership documentation certification
Student is 21 years of age or older NMSU internal verification
Enrolled full-time in online education NMSU internal verification
Current active military or veterans status NMSU internal verification
Medical accommodation Disability Access Services (DAS) Housing Accommodation and Housing Verification Forms
Other special circumstance (including financial hardship)

Financial Hardship Form

Free Applicaton for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

Extenuating Circumstances Form

Step 3: Submit the Request for Exemption and all required documentation through your MyHousing portal (within your MyNMSU) under “Applications/Forms”. 

  • Please attach ALL required documentation with your online application.  If required documentation is not submitted with the application, decisions will be delayed and/or possibly denied if documentation is not received.  
  • The fastest and easiest way to submit your Request for Exemption application is through your MyHousing portal under “Applications/Forms”.  However, if you are unable to submit the application online, please send the Request for Exemption and all required documentation to:
    • FAX: 575-646-7811
      MAIL: Housing & Residential Life, MSC 3BB/P.O. Box 30001, Las Cruces, NM  88003-8001
    • Students can expect to receive a communication through their official NMSU e-mail account. Committee’s decision, or a request for additional documentation, will be processed within 10 business days. All committee decisions are final.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Can someone complete the application for me?
A: No. Each application is created through the housing portal at MyNMSU for the student. The student must log in to complete the application. This enables the student's application to be connected to their student record for the department to review, and it authenticates the application with an electronic signature.

Q: I live with my parent(s), legal guardian, grandparent(s) or aunt/uncle. Do I have to live on campus?
A: All students are required to live on campus for the first academic year, or two semesters. You may complete a residency exemption request form which should include supporting documentation of your permanent address. Parent or legal guardian must certify living arrangements which will be reviewed by the Housing Office. Confirmation of residency may be performed at various intervals.

Q: Can I request an exemption if living with my adult sibling(s) or cousin(s)?
A: No. The parent/legal guardian exemption is limited to parent(s), legal guardian, grandparent(s) or aunt/uncle.

Q: Can I live in an off-campus apartment?
A: You cannot unless you are eligible for one of the exemptions and are formally approved by NMSU.

Q: I am a first-year, first-time student, who is also international. Am I required to live on campus?
A: All first-year, first-time undergraduate students are required to live on campus, including international students for the first academic year, or two semesters. You may complete a residency exemption form (along with supporting documentation) if your situation fits within the listed exemptions and the request will be reviewed.

Q: The committee denied my request for residency exemption. Is there a further appeal process?
A: No. All committee decisions are final.

Q: My request was approved. What happens next?
A: The Housing & Residential Life office will process your exemption and remove any charges or issue any necessary credits to your student account. You will receive an email and letter in the U.S. Mail notifying you of the approval.